Emergence-Where are you?

I was looking for various images this morning and came across this one and somehow it raised the question for me……….where am I on this journey of emerging?  I once said to a good friend ‘I am so sick of being a catterpillar I will be a butterfly, it is only a matter of time.  This came to me as I was looking through and I thought……so where am I?  I think I am begining to come out of the crysalis, not yet emerging, but restless and really begining to find the container a bit too tight and I am begining to realise that maybe, just maybe there is more to life that I have imagined.  My thoughts, my expectations and my programming have kept me a prisoner, things are changing and I am really begining to question things in a very different way.  Where are you?  Would love to hear any thoughts on this.  Just a random thought for the day, but one I am glad I shared. Where are you on the scale of breaking free from the chains of your past, whatever that may be for you.

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