Dame Helen Mirren and Twiggy prove you are never too old to look your best

Three cheers for Helen Mirren and Twiggy being trail blazers for women, particularly in the UK, to take better care of themselves and not just give up once they are over a certain age.

I for one, believe I have a duty to myself to look the best I can and am certainly in the process of taking better care of myself after a few years of battling with an eating disorder, which creeps up and before I know it I am struggling again. I want to be the woman who people say, wow, you don’t look your age, rather than the one who they say, ‘Is that your mother?’ Particularly when I have such a handsome son, I think I also have a responsibility to him to look my best. Yes, I am vain, but actually, I think a little vanity is a good thing, it keeps me wanting to look the best I can.  I have to consciously take care of myself and feel better for it, both mentally and physically.

I wrote in a recent article after watching Loose Women last week, following a discussion around women becoming invisible after 47, because it felt rather sad that the general public opinion was if you are not the ‘perfect look’ as portrayed by the mass media, then you are invisible. Thank goodness this is not so for Carol McGiffin, Twiggy or Helen Mirren, who in my opinion look amazing and keep looking better.  Janet Street-Porter is also getting better with age, and actually, I for one find this inspiring.

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