Our Fight for Freedom – 2000-2004

During this period of time my son and I went from not knowing who his father was to a succession of tests which culminated in a court room in New York.  I tracked down my sons father, now a CEO in New York.  I borrowed thousands of pounds and was unable to continue to pay a lawyer as I ran out of money so ended up doing it myself.  I had to take on some on New York’s top lawyers.  It has been said that I had such courage in the face of adversity, but for me it was a matter of life and death, there was no choice.

I admitted my mistake and now had to force him to meet his responsibilities.  He tried to deflect me again, using all sorts of tactics, not least the one about it all only being about money because he was so successful.  My respose was ‘I rang 192, directory enquiries, not Forbes.  I had no idea who you were, where you were, for all I knew you were still living in a basement in Earls Court, I just knew I had to find you’.  This time he did not get away with getting rid of me.

He did finally begin to contribute to his son, but the deal was so bad, I didn’t even realise it was, by this time I could not work out 17% of $ 400,000 it was years later as I came round from the ordeal I realised what had happened.  I was so unwell I had little choice by that stage but to take the crumbs he chucked at us.  I was later to find out just how few crumbs.  When I did, the injustice was almost to much to bare.

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