The last few days-19th September 2010

I have had the most incredible days, this week has been very very powerful.  I feel that there have been so many forces working with me as I get up, pray, ask God for guidance and hand my day over, to be greeted by hunches and ideas and following them.  I have sent the synopsis and query letter off to an Agent I would love to work with, I have got closer to registering Addicts4Addicts just waiting for a few little things to be concluded.  I have finished shooting a documentary series for my blog and I am due to edit this coming week.

I have to say that some days I am full of fear about how things will turn out, financially I worry about making ends meet sometimes and yet somehow I believe that all this is for a reason and it will all work out.  I am on the cusp of change, I spoke to a friend the other day and said it feels like the sea has parted and it is my time to run through it before it closes again, like some third dimension of happenings, everything lined up for this moment to go, I have been working my socks off, but the time is there, so I am pushing through.  It feels like everything is being lined up, people are coming my way, thoughts, dreams and even what I am saying to friends and how I feel.  I just wanted to log this before I go for a few days into the editing room to complete the edit for In Search of My Mental Health, a series of interviews each lasting 10 minutes about a lot of the things I have done in the past 14 years to try and get the help I need.

I had not realised I have not written here for a while because I have been so busy and I miss writing on here, I feel like this is such a part of me and I really hope that soon enough I will be completing the book and getting publised.

I may well be writing again in diary form what is going on during the edit as it brings up so much emotion for me, the filming was intense I have had the most incredible days, this week has been very very powerful.

Thanks for following me, I love it when I read your comments so please do keep them coming.


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