New Helpline for Binge Eaters Discussed on Loose Women

It was a brilliant show today, the topics covered were varied as usual and today there was the announcement of a new helpline for Binge Eaters called ‘Buzz About Binge’ set up by Pam Ojalae who believes that there needs to be more help for people who are going for fatty treats. I could not agree more.  I have tried to find the details for you but cannot find them anywhere, but I thought I would let you know that there is such a thing out there now and maybe the number will come up on google in the very near future, please let me know if you find it before I do.

kate Thornton was very courageous and disclosed that she herself has had an eating disorder and went on to explain the shame around not being able to share this horrendous illness for the feelings of disgust and how it is still not really talked about, good on her for being so open.  If you click on the link above you can see more of this discussion.

Thanks as always to the women on the panel for making it such an informative and fun programme and for being so willing to reveal themselves.