Loose Women Monday’s Show

As always the Loose Women are a source of information and great discussion and have become part of my day when I am home.  I am particularly interested in what Carol McGiffin and Lynda Bellingham have to say and fortunately they were both on today.

The Loose Women were discussing Sarah’s Law which raised some interesting questions and the panel was split.  I personally think that it is a good thing and as it has already saved 60 children it can only be good.  However, there is the case of people being talked about and the public turning on them once they are found out.  It is a fragile debate, but I know that if there was someone in my street, with my son when he was young, I would want to know about it.  The thing that worries me is the ones that are not yet caught and I hope this will have another purpose, to give people who are being abused somewhere to go, to report it, get support and for that also I think this is a brilliant campaign

The other subject that struck with me was memories.  Carol was talking about how when she was writing her Autobiography  the memories were so different from that of her sibling and how they were clashing over it.  I know this one only too well.  I am really grateful to hear what she had to say, it helped me.  Nobody is right or wrong and they are your memories and that is that.  Each person has a right to their own experience of the situation and that is ok.  Lynda was also really helpful  because she was talking about how her and her sister remembered things so differently.  This is really relavant to me right now as I write my book at www.ifsbutsandmaybes.com I have been spending some time with one of my brothers and we clash like hell the moment we get onto our childhood and there is the ‘no Penny it was not like that’ and I then become defensive or so does he and the memories are so different.  I am really glad I listened to the girls today and got a clear perspective of it and was reminded I have the right to  my memories, they are mine, real or imagined.  Thanks girls.