David Hasselhoff on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

Thank you so much to David Hasselhoff for being so real and honest during his interview last night, what an absolute star.

I wanted to share this with anyone who did not see it, it will only be online until the begining of June, it is so worth a watch.  His mix of humility and ego is, as Piers describes complex, but in my mind facinating and so engaging, I have never really been a fan, but after watching this interview I have to say, I am now.

What really stuck me was his rise from his rock bottom and how he so gracefully described this experience, his journey in recovery is so visible, he has come back from the abyss and all credit to him, after public humiliation, he has taken up the challenge and look at the results, what an inspiration.  Anyone who is having a hard time or feels like maybe it won’t get any better, take a look at this public fall from grace and then how his recovery has given him his life back, and some.  Congratulations David and thank you so much for showing us your true self.

I know for me, some days I think will it really happen, will I make it?  Watching this inspires me to keep going, sometimes we all need that and it is brilliant to see this new man on the show, how honesty and being you is the way to freedom, true humility and vulnerability is the key. Amazing, hope you enjoy this as much as I did and do.